Lectures and Short Courses

Lectures and Short Course files are in PDF format and require password for opening
New Horizons in Shale Sedimentology, AAPG 2015, PDF
Flume Studies with Clay-Silt Mixtures and Impact on Lamina Dvelopment, AAPG 2015, PDF
Muddy Hyperpycnites in Geneseo Formation - Effect on Reservoir Quality, AAPG 2015, PDF
APPG DL Series 2014-15, Experimental Mudstone Sedimentology, PDF
APPG DL Series 2014-15, The Process-Pore Connection,  PDF
Update on Experimental Mudstone Sedimentology, Gussow Conference 2013, PDF
Imaging Pore Heterogeneity in Shales, AGU 2013 PDF
Hydofractured Martian Mudstones, Denver GSA, October 2013 PDF
Parasequence Evolution in the New Albany Shale, AAPG Pittsburgh, May 2013 PDF
Mud Transport Presentation, AAPG 2013, Pittsburgh PDF
High Resolution Shale Fabric Imaging. AAPG 2013, Pittsburgh PDF
Imaging Heterogeneity of Shale Porosity, ARMA Meeting June 2013, San Francisco, PDF
Color CL and Provenance-Correlation of Middle Devonian Strata in KY, TN, PDF
An Overview of Experimental Mudstone Sedimentology - Geoshale 2012, Warsaw, PDF
Flume Experiments with Clay-Silt-Carbonate Mud Mixtures: 2012 HGS-ACS Presentation PDF
Bioturbation, Redox Conditions, and Cyclicity in the Middle Devonian Geneseo Fm., 2011 GSA PDF
Flume Experiments with Carbonate Muds and Their Relevance for the Micrite Problem - 2012 AAPG PDF
Grain Size Distribution in Mudstones: A Question of Nature vs. Nurture. - 2011 AGU PDF
Grading phenomena in mudstones – 2011 GSA PDF
CSPG 2011 Paradigm Shift in Shale Sedimentology with Horn River Examples PDF
CSPG 2011 Pore Types in Shales with Horn River Examples PDF
April 2011 AAPG Houston, Presentation, Shelf Mud Deposition and Flume Experiments  PDF
February 2011 HGS-ACS Presentation PDF
December 2010 Hedberg Presentation  PDF
October 2010 GSA Presentation  PDF


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