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Research Opportunities: currently the following broad topics are available for thesis/disseration research:

Applications of high resolution color cathodoluminescence to questions of shale diagenesis and provenance

Flume studies of mudstone depositional processes & comparison with rock record analogs

Rover investigations of sedimentary rocks in Gale Crater, Mars, as part of the MSL-Curiosity mission

Controls on the origin of paraquence characteristics and sequence stratigraphy of ancient shales

Facies studies of shale and mudstone successions

Petrographic study of shale and mudstone pore systems

Graduate Students and Visiting Scholars:

Supervised Theses and Dissertations, Indiana University

plus post graduation and/or later employment

Yawar, Zalmai, 2021, Lithofacies Distribution, Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Devonian Ohio Shale in the Central Appalachian Basin, Kentucky, Ph.D.      IU post-doc

Liu, Bei, 2020, Organic matter accumulation, thermal maturation, and organic pores development in the Upper Devonian New Albany Shale, Illinois Basin, Ph.D.       Associate Professor - China University of Geosciences, Wuhan

Li, Zhiyang, 2019, An integrated sedimentologic, petrographic, and stratigraphic analysis of the Upper Cretaceous Tununk Shale Member of the Mancos Shale Formation, south-central Utah, Ph.D.   Assistant Professor - Colorado College

Rossman, Britt, 2018, Detailed characterizations of the cretaceous tununk shale, Northern Henry Basin, Utah, USA : a high-resolution study of mudstone parasequences integrating sedimentology and petrography with high-Frequency pXRF, M.S.   Assistant Instructor, Washington State University, Pullman, WA


Stewart, Cameron, 2017, Stratigraphic and petrographic analysis of the Late Devonian-Early Mississippian lower and upper Bakken shale members for the development of a sequence statigraphic framework, M.S.   Geologist, Arcadis North America

Donoghue, Kellie, 2015, Investigation of Prominent Mineralized Fractures in the Middle to Upper Devonian Mudstones of the Illinois Basin: Implications for Multi-Episode Fluid Migration and Seal Breach, Ph.D.    Chevron

Fogaren, Caitlin, 2015, Teasing Out Parasequences in Highly Sediment Starved Devonian Black Shales, M.S.   Chevron

Wilson, Ryan D., 2015, An Integrated Sedimentologic, Stratigraphic, and Geochemical Assessment of the Lower Genesee Group of New York, USA, Ph.D.   senior geologist - Chevron

Murphy, Robert, 2015, Depositional Systems Interpretation of Early Permian Mixed Siliciclastics and Carbonates, Midland Basin, Texas, M.S.   Geologist, New Mexico Geological Survey

Riese, David J., 2014, The Significance of Crypto- and Macrobioturbation in teh New Albany Shale for the Interpretation of Depositional Histories: An Integrated Approach Using Core Descriptions, CT Scans, Neoichnology Experiments, and Geochemistry, Ph.D.    Shell Oil

Mizsei, Daniel, 2014, Mudstone facies of the Upper Ordovician Maquoketa Group of Indiana and their paleoenvironments, M.S.   Shell Oil

Zabrecky, Justin P., 2013, Identification and characterization of the Middle Devonian Portwood Member of the New Albany Shale in the Appalachian and Illinois Basins, M.S.  Sandridge Energy

Spencer, Sarah C., 2013, A sedimentologic, petrographic, mineralogic, and geochemical investigation of parasequences in the Camp Run Member of the Late Devonian New Albany Shale, M.S.  Chevron

Wilson, Ryan D., 2012, Facies analysis and sequence stratigraphy of the Middle Devonian (Givetian) Geneseo Formation of New York: implications for accommodation during a eustatic sea level rise, M.S.

Yawar, Zalmai, 2012, Stratigraphy, lithofacies distribution and sedimentological analysis of the Eau Claire Formation, Indiana, M.S.

Thaisen, Kevin G., 2007, Geomorphic evidence for glaciation and catastrophic flooding in Candor Chasma, Mars, M.S.  Assistant Professor - University of Wisconsin, River Falls

Lazar, Remus O., 2007, Redefinition of the New Albany Shale of the Illinois Basin: An integrated, stratigraphic, sedimentologic, and geochemical study, Ph.D.  Senior geologist - ExxonMobil

Sur, Sohini, 2004, An integrated sedimentological, stratigraphical, and geochemical study of two Proterozoic black shales from Vindhyan Supergroup, India. M.S.  Shell Oil

Visiting Scholars and Ph.D. Exchange Students, Indiana University

Shao, Xinhe, 2019-2021, Petrographic Study of the Devonian Portwood Formation, Kentucky,  China University of Petroleum, Beijing  - post-doc at CUPB

Otharan, German, 2019, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca, Argentina, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Vaca Muerta Formation - post-doc at UNS

Comerio, Marcos, 2019, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sedimentology of the Mudstones of the Agrio Formation - post-doc at UBA

Pellegrini, Claudio, 2018, University of Bologna, Italy, Fabric Studies of Modern Mudstones from the Adriatic Basin, Research Scientist, Istituto delle Scienze Marine (ISMAR)

Cao, Xiaomeng, 2016-2018, Shear Stress Measurements in Flume Based Erosion Experiments, Research Scientist, Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, Qingdao, China

Li, Ifan, 2013-2015, A Petrographic Stucy of Phosphate Enrichment in the Devonian Chattanooga Shale, Associate Professor, China University of Geosciences, Beijing,

Banerjee, Santanu, 2003, Petrography of Black Shales from the Proterozoic Vindhyan Basin, India, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

Supervised Theses, UT-Arlington


Johri, Priyanka, 2002, New Albany Shale in southeastern Indiana (non-thesis option), M.S.   Anadarko Petroleum

Tennison, Evelyn J., 2002, Textural features of igneous and metamorphic quartz as revealed by scanned cathodoluminescence (SEM-CL). M.S. 

Barrett, Tristand L., 2002, Detailed correlation of the New Albany Shale in southeastern Indiana with emphasis on erosion surfaces. M.S.   Snyder Oil

Lobza, Vadec, 1998, Sedimentological and paleoenvironmental significance of trace fossils of the Upper Devonian Dowelltown Member of the Chattanooga Shale, Late Devonian, central Tennessee. M.S.   senior geologist - ExxonMobil

Knode, Tom L., 1992, Petrological, sedimentological, and geophysical characterization of the Misener/Sylamore Sandstone (Upper Devonian) of the mid-continent United States. M.S.   Halliburton

Miller, Randy, 1990, The stratigraphy and depositional environment of the Boquillas Formation of southwest Texas. M.S.   Marathon Oil

Mosley, Brian R., 1990, Deposition and diagenesis of the upper Clear Fork (Leonardian) shelf margin, Palm Sunday Field, Hockley County, Texas. M.S.   Snyder Oil

Romanek, Marty, 1988, Sedimentology and depositional environment of the basement sand (Lower Createceous), west Texas. M.S.   Snyder Oil


CVStudentsClassesresearchfacilitiesfundingpublicationsshale studies

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