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EAS420, Regional Geology Field Trip. Field trip that explores rock units of the eastern US that range in age from Precambrian to Carboniferous, with the aim to understand the geologic history of the eastern portion of North America.  Examined outcrop locations range from North Carolina to Indiana.
EAS121, Journey to Mars. The history of Mars exploration, and the journey of the Curiosity Mars Rover through Gale Crater, Mars.  Includes discussion of planetary surface processes and Mars-Earth comparison.
G121, Meteorites and Planets. Introduction to the Solar System, feedbacks/processes that influence planetary compositions.
G105, Earth - Our Habitable Planet. Introduction to the Earth System, feedbacks/processes that influence atmospheric composition and climate, impact of human activities. class web site
G591, Physical Sedimentology. A course that is in part an exploration of fluid mechancis for sedimentologists, and in part a survey of sedimentary structures (physical, biological, microbial). Includes field trips and hands on projects in the flume lab.
G690 (seminar), Black Shale Seminar. A survey of recent and "classical" literature on black shale topics, and a discussion of concepts of black shale formation as they "evolved" over time. Includes field trips to Devonian black shale locations.
G690 (seminar), Shale Petrography. A survey of recent and "classical" literature on shale petrography, and evaluation (and refutation) of classical concepts of shale desposition on the basis of hands on examination of shale samples by petrographic microscope and SEM. Includes field trips to classical shales in the eastern US and Utah.
G690 (seminar), SEM Techniques. An introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy Theory, and practice of SEM operations (FEI Quanta 400 FEG) including SE, BSE, and EDS applications. Instruction on the SEM in small groups, student project for grade.
G690, Terrigenous Clastic Deposition. A course that surveys environments of deposition of terrigenous clastic sediment. Includes discussion of modern environments, ancient facies equivalents, and sedimentation models.



AAPG/SEPM - Short Course on Mudstones and Shales, "Sequence-Stratigraphic Analysis of Shales: Key to Paleoclimate Archives, Subsurface Fluid Flow and Hydrocarbon Source, Reservoir and Seal". Taught at most annual AAPG meetings since 2010.


Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists - Short Course. Description and Interpretation of Shale Facies.


Wuhan University of Geosciences - Short Course.  A Brief Survey of Shale Geology.


Qingdao University of Petroleum - Short Course.  An introduction to Shale Research.


Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia.  Description and Interpretation of Shale Facies.

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